Is Blogging Dead?

So for a few years now I've stood firmly in my belief that blogging (for fashion bloggers at least) is dead because of how Instagram came and completely took over. Most of the people who are interested in the content I produce only want to see the photos and outfits, which is exactly what Instagram is for. Let's be honest though, I was never the greatest at writing and I wasn't dedicating time to writing these think pieces either (every so often I did though!) so there was no point for people to actually come and visit my blog if they were just there for the photos and could just see it on insta.  However, I've been feeling nostalgic about this lately because I started my very first blog back in 2008 and sometimes I wish I kept it up, wished I stayed consistent, and never stopped blogging regardless of whether or not people even visited anymore. I actually started my blog because of Kanye's KanyeUniverseCity blog (who remembers that?! it was like one of the greatest blogs of all time!) and this was back when I was like 16 and didn't even have a cell phone yet. Back then, I didn't have shit else to do and no real-life responsibilities so I just sat on the computer for hours at times just reposting all the cool shit I found online. Back then, I didn't even have friends who were willing to take my photos so I self-timed all them shits and the quality of it was pretty shitty cause I was just shooting around my house lol, but you guys loved it anyways. If you're an avid follower of mine from way back, you'll definitely remember Lips of Wine; that was my babyyyyy. But instead of revamping that one, I decided to make a brand new one just to keep things fresh since I've completely rebranded since then. So back to my question: is blogging dead? After years of believing it was I've finally found the light and decided that no, it's not. I've realized that it's not about the number of views or comments anymore -- it's simply just about having a place to express yourself however you want. Sometimes, I just miss having an actual platform to display all of my content and photosets in one place. People often ask me where I post my complete sets now cause it's not like I can post more than 3 photos on Instagram of one outfit without being annoying, when back then I could just post like 10-15 photos in each post with no problems lol. People still know me as a blogger because that's what I was for so long, but it felt kinda weird saying it out loud since I knew I wasn't actually updating and posting anymore. Also, I'm currently in this space where technically my full-time job description is a "social media influencer", but I don't really want to call myself that just yet because I like to believe I do way more than just that. Nonetheless, I'm going to start blogging again because as my platform grows, I'd really like to just be able to keep all my content organized and neat in one place. I no longer care if people actually come to visit anymore, I'm doing this simply for my sake. So if anyone does happen to come along and read this post, I'm happy you made it this far down and welcome! <3


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