Baby Blue's and Hues.

I know, it seems like in every post I'm talking about how much I love something right? Well, what would be the point in me sharing something I DON'T love? Lately, I've been really into these clear colored frames again. They remind me so much of these little pink Chanel shades I used to have -- don't play, they were so lit back then hahaha. I threw them out years ago cause they were so obviously from Chinatown and I thought I'd never have a reason to wear them out again until now. I definitely regret that cause I be on my fake boujie / ghetto fabulous vibes lately and they would've added the perfect touch. Thankfully, ZeroUV always come in clutch and provide all the clear colored frames I could possibly want. I love those guys! Paired it with my little blue dress from FashionNova, my newly dyed blue hair AND my blue contacts! All links will be provided below, enjoy!

@FashionNova "Look Away" dress // @ZeroUV "A908-04" shades // Solotica Hidrocor lenses in Graphite. Use my discount code "xoannw" with @Vision.Marketplace


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