Color Wall Series: Turquoise.

Another corner in the city I really love is this tiny area in Hyattsville. I love what they're doing with this area because they're trying to turn it into the "art district", since it's a city people often have to go through in order to get to DC. There is a wonderful mural across from the Busboys and Poets in which there are colorful panels with about 6-7 different colors. It's perfect if you want to just shoot a bunch of outfits in one day to get a variety of colors for your backdrops. The only downside is: I don't think they put much thought into the direction this mural was facing when they were painting it. Most of us prefer the sun shining on us when taking photos cause it just makes your highlight pop and skin glow, and unfortunately with the way this building is faced, it will never ever see the surface of the sun :( The other side of the building however has another mural on it, which unfortunately doesn't receive as much love as this side but hey. It's still worth a visit!


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