Pink Plastic Babez #PRINCESSPOPUP Shop Recap.

On July 30th, we had our first ever pop-up shop. We had the idea while we were still in Miami, and since we wanted to get this done before I left for my trip to Brazil, it meant we only had 2 weeks to plan it. Let me just tell you guys... it's extremely hectic trying to plan for an event in just 2 weeks, but we made it work! Securing the venue had me sleepless for a week, but in the meantime we made sure to gather as many women-owned businesses to vend with us as possible. This was really important to us because as a brand that heavily promotes body confidence and women empowerment, it was imperative to share the stage with other amazing brands that are also women owned. We finalized the venue and it was absolutely perfect, The Blind Whino, which was once upon a time a church but has since been renovated into an event space. It fit with our theme and aesthetic so perfectly. If you're ever looking for a place to host your event, make sure to check them out! Here are a few pictures recapping the event:

Photos by @jadaimanim















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