Travel Diaries: Miami July '17.

If I told you guys that this was my first time in Miami would you believe me? (well I went once a few years ago with my parents and didn't really do anything so that doesn't count right? haha) So yes, it technically was my first time and I made sure I did everything under the sun -- literally! I'm a pretty slow editor cause I mostly only edit on my phone nowadays and I only edit pics when I'm about to post it on my Instagram, so here are a few photos that I've already uploaded on there. I have tonssss more unedited pics but keep reading to view the photos, descriptions and quick guide to the places I went!

I'm wearing the "Feline I" handmade dress from The Madonna Label. This dress goes for $85, but you can use my discount code "ANNXO" for 20% off your entire order! I've only recently realized that hot pink is a great color for my skin tone, so I've been wearing it a lot this summer! Doubled with the fact this dress hugs my curves so snugly, it's definitely one of my favorites!

Finally got my chance to explore the Wynwood Walls!!! As an avid street art/mural lover I can't believe it took me this long to visit but I'm so glad I finally was able to. I dedicated an entire morning/afternoon to exploring this neighborhood, making sure I took as much photos I possible could to last me for the next couple months! It was totally worth the wait.

That Miami heat was INSANE! It's unlike any other sun I've experienced before and everyday was a struggle. I can't imagine NOT feeling the need to shower every time you step back in the house, so i found myself showering at least 2-3 times every day. I sweated in places I didn't even know you could sweat in and got my first everrrrrr sunburn! I always fancied myself as someone who prefers the heat over the cold, but Miami sun is something else. As much as I'm complaining right now, I know I'd go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat lol!

After asking my IG for recommendations on where to go, there was one particular place repeatedly popping up that I've never heard of before; the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Just wow. None of my photos will ever do this place justice. It was absolutely breathtaking! It belonged to John Deering and I must say that man had quite amazing taste. If you're ever looking for something to do in Miami, I'd definitely recommend this museum in a heartbeat. I forgot exactly how much it costs to get in (about $20-30) but it's worth it nonetheless.

Of course, the Versace Mansion is a MUST! Yeah the food is pretty pricey inside the restaurant, but not as much as I thought it would be (ballpark: an entree can be anywhere from $30-70, which is a whole lot better than the $100+ I was originally anticipating lol). However the portion sizes are dismally small. As in I ordered lamb chops for $36 expecting to get 2 big succulents chops but instead I received 3 measly little bones that was literally was only enough for one bite each. I know "pricier" restaurants generally tend to give out smaller portion sizes but I'm just not the kind of girl who's okay with that just yet lol. Maybe I'm just not fancy enough for this but I like my plates to be piled high. Or maybe I just ordered the wrong thing cause as I looked around the restaurant it seems like everything else was decently sized except for my plate. Regardless, I think the mansion and restaurant is worth the visit because it's just so damn beautiful inside. Gianni Versace is my favorite ever designer and it was amazing being inside a place that he even once called his home.

Every neighborhood has that one outdoors mall that's just....y' LOL. Miami Design District definitely houses all of the high-end brands but if you don't mind window shopping like I did, there are a few structures in this area that's also worth checking out.

If you're into fried food and seafood, you'll love this place. I cannot rave enough over how great everything I had here was! From the fried conch to the lobster sandwich (that's only $14!) to the shrimp empanada, this place is a musttttttt. Definitely, go eat at La Camaronera and you will not regret it. It's also right in Little Havana so you can do a bit of exploring as well but trust me when I say their food is bomb.


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