Travel Diaries: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After the falls, we flew over to Buenos Aires. It's much further down south than Rio was, so we definitely could feel the temperature change as it was only in the 50's-60's. Luckily, we were prepared for it and I basically stayed bundled up the entire time. I wish we had visited when it was warmer, it was still amazing, but every day was foggy and cold. Because of this, it really reminded me of London/Paris. Buenos Aires is considered the Paris of South America, and I totally can see why due to the architecture. It was breathtaking. We stayed right in the city at the Panamericano Hotel, and had a room with an amazing streetview. From our balcony you could see the famous Operahouse and right under us was the widest street in the entire world, 9 de Julio Avenue, its' name honoring Argentina's Independence Day. It has 7 lanes in each direction on top of 2 street lanes each side. You could also see the famous obelisk from our room, which is not unlike our very own National Monument here in DC.

We had a ton of free time to explore on our own while in Buenos Aires. We visited the flea market at night, went to the famous La Boca neighborhood which is known for its' colorful houses, visited one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world (it used to be a theater), and walked all over the city.


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