Travel Diaries: Iguazu Falls.

After Brazil, we flew over to the very edge of where Brazil and Argentina meet at Iguazu Falls. Now, we were far away from the city and at the largest natural waterfalls in the world. It took 2 days to explore! Day one was much shorter since we visited the Falls from the Brazilian side, but day 2 was tougher since it's much larger on the Argentinian side. it was phenomenal. Our tour guide told us that he recommends us to really just take it all in, and "be one with nature". I took his advice and while I was taking a ton of photos just like everyone else, I did give myself a chance to just put my phone down and take it all in. I've never felt more at peace, and while I was excited to scratch another one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World off my bucket list, I moreso just felt grateful to be able to see a part of nature that I never get to otherwise witness in my everyday life.

The falls from the Brazilian side!

We stayed at the Amerian Portal del Iguazu near the falls and it was gorgeous as well. My favorite part about it is how if you stand on the roof, you can actually see the Triple Frontier; the corner where all three countries -- Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay -- meet.

The side I'm on (where our hotel is) is Argentina. Across from us to the right is Brazil, and to the left is Paraguay.

The falls from the Argentinian side!


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